it’s been way too long since i’ve posted. i’ve been in a creative rut… no more like a black hole. freelensing in the morning light/ shadow to pull myself out of this and get inspired 

claremidockphotography@gmail.com for availability and booking


week 6 of the 365! not numbering this week because i’m starting to lose count/ order… whoops! here’s a peek at our lives this week : ski trip and lots of family time <3



week 5 of my 365 project :

29/365. details 🙂

30/365. siblings… they sometimes come off as more of a really small gang.

31/365. potty training is in full force… and so is his refusal to wear pants.

32/365. fighting nap time… wwwhhhyyyyyyyyyyy

33/365. cast is off! FREEDOM! – freelensed these, trying to add some creativity into the mix of our everyday. this 365 is proving to be harder than i thought.

34/365. this little dirt ball, who mostly only goes by Bobby, has single handedly wrecked the house every single day this week. he goes back and forth between telling me i am his special boy to telling me i am a bad boy and i need to go sit on my bum. i’ll take a timeout any time/ any day, Bob.

35/365. r&r – cheers to the weekend!


one of my longest and closest friends had a baby a few days before christmas and asked me to take some photos of her sweet girl – YES PLEASE!!!! meet sophia rose, my newest bff 🙂

claremidockphotography@gmail.com for availability and booking!


week 4 of intentionally documenting our real life – it’s been a busy one, cheers!

22/365. never-ending home improvement projects.

23/365. rainy days.

24/365. oh finny, what did we ever do before you? yes, that’s a mitten, a mohawk ski hat and big sister’s swim mask.

25/365. saucy gracie gurl peacin’ out after her PT appt.

26/365. chillin out after school in some pretty light, couldn’t decide which i liked best – color or bw 🙂

27/365. mules with my girl, tess! tgif

28/365. out in rva with the fam at buskey cider


claremidockphotography@gmail.com for availability and booking


week 3 of the 365 project was a rough one… it was gray and rainy most of the week and i just felt zero creativity… but i can’t imagine that wasn’t bound to happen. sticking to it and posting my images, all in the effort to document our chaos 🙂

15/365. printed some of my favs!

16/365. bobby and da newf

17/365. donut date (gracie was not excited about me bringing my “big camera” 😂)

18/365. THE elmo boots. he’s obsessed… i’m obsessed… usually they’re on the wrong feet. i love so many things about toddlerhood.

19/365. “i yerking.” (working)

20/365. life as a chocoholic. 

21/365. tony bologna <3


this marks week 2 of my 365 project… cheers!

8/365 shay

9/365 to the moon and back 

10/365 bedhead

11/365 gigi’s arm check up/gets new cast (got some strange looks taking a photo in the waiting room, ha!!) 

12/365 getting in the frame week #2… sick toddler snuggles

13/365 dinner prep – freelensed

14/365 cousins 


i recently started a personal project with a great friend and photographer, tess!! we’re going to encourage eachother to complete a 365 project, aka 1 photo a day for the entire year of 2017. i’m loving it so far and hoping to grow as an artist and explore rva 🙂 cheers to 2017, y’all

1/365 : my little “helper” (freelensed)

2/365 : keep me where the light is. along with the 365 project, i’m trying to get IN the frame each week this year.

3/365 : cozy

4/365 : cousins

5/365 : my best girl, the little daredevil

6/365 : beauty in the ordinary

7/365 : snow day! (freelensed)


i have so much to catch up and post with blogging – i don’t even know where to begin AH! so… here’s a little something i have never posted. a SOOC (straight out of camera) image compared to edits. i like to keep the details true to life (her crazy hair, missing bottom teeth, etc) and usually just warm up the lighting + bring out the contrast. i love the depth of field and the leading lines in this shot… and the big, genuine happy smile is a bonus 🙂 feel free to email questions or just to chat post processing! claremidockphotography@gmail.com