oh, these hunnies… also, freelensed sunset sessions with freckles and flower crowns are my THANG <3


for those who are worried about scheduling a session at your home because your house isn’t “perfect” : put that worry aside and book anyway! i can tell you that my house is never perfect, and neither are my kids, frankly. here’s proof that even with a dusty house, there are beautiful, wonderful memories to be documented. <3

claremidockphotography@gmail.com for availability and booking


I photographed the most beautiful baby girl, Wren, yesterday. The pure bliss of a family’s first moments together is such an amazing, wonder-filled thing to document… so much more to come. Welcome to the world, sweet girl.

email claremidockphotography@gmail.com for availability and booking


“if you are not too long, i will wait here for you all of my life.” – oscar wilde // a beautiful, intimate spring wedding in midlothian, va



here’s a few images from a senior session i shot downtown over the weekend – i absolutely love the vibrant, urban colors and light. send me an email at claremidockphotography@gmail.com for availability and booking 🙂



it’s been way too long since i’ve posted. i’ve been in a creative rut… no more like a black hole. freelensing in the morning light/ shadow to pull myself out of this and get inspired 

claremidockphotography@gmail.com for availability and booking


week 6 of the 365! not numbering this week because i’m starting to lose count/ order… whoops! here’s a peek at our lives this week : ski trip and lots of family time <3



week 5 of my 365 project :

29/365. details 🙂

30/365. siblings… they sometimes come off as more of a really small gang.

31/365. potty training is in full force… and so is his refusal to wear pants.

32/365. fighting nap time… wwwhhhyyyyyyyyyyy

33/365. cast is off! FREEDOM! – freelensed these, trying to add some creativity into the mix of our everyday. this 365 is proving to be harder than i thought.

34/365. this little dirt ball, who mostly only goes by Bobby, has single handedly wrecked the house every single day this week. he goes back and forth between telling me i am his special boy to telling me i am a bad boy and i need to go sit on my bum. i’ll take a timeout any time/ any day, Bob.

35/365. r&r – cheers to the weekend!


one of my longest and closest friends had a baby a few days before christmas and asked me to take some photos of her sweet girl – YES PLEASE!!!! meet sophia rose, my newest bff 🙂

claremidockphotography@gmail.com for availability and booking!