well, i clearly haven’t updated my blog in a while – i will have to work on that! i hope you’re following me on social media (www.facebook.com/claremidockphotography and www.instagram.com/claremidockphotography), where i’m much more active!

we spent some amazing moments in erie, pa (my hometown)… like, the time-slows-down moments… the real moments. my parents set up a tent in the backyard (which was complete hilarity in it’s own ways) for my kids, and we had a perfect night together. snacks, hot wheels, games, stories, laughter and light. the kind of light that comes from within. i’ll drive 9 hours in 95* heat with two kids and a big old newf any day, simply to be reminded of roots and love. real, raw, can feel your smile in the dark without seeing you kind of love. cheers to that <3   

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