Hello, I am so happy you are here! I am Clare, a lifestyle photographer based out of Richmond, Virginia. Of course, first and foremost I am a mama to three insanely wild and beautiful children, but I am also a wife, a beach bum, a wine-o, a shop-a-holic, a bookworm, and a coffee lover… More than anything I love to laugh and to create. I am all about finding beauty in the ordinary. I am inspired by nature, music, poetry, fine art photography, and my family. My goal in each session is to capture the sincere and honest connections between people. I document the moment as it happens – I just make sure it’s happening in stunning lighting 🙂 As much as we try, we cannot possibly keep every memory locked away in our minds forever, this is why we have photographs. To pull those moments back to our senses and remind ourselves how we felt in that split-second. To feel that love all over again. I’m a big believer in printing your photos, not just letting them sit on your hard drive. This is the reason I offer amazing professional quality printing. My gear: I shoot with Nikon and use a variety of lenses, mainly my 50mm. You’ll find me switching lenses as I go, freelensing, and also pulling out random prisms, copper pieces and lights from my bag – just go with it, ha! My Nikon F100 is my first love, there’s just something so beautiful and organic about film photography. My naturally lit sessions are on-location or in my lifestyle studio located in Midlothian, VA. I also love working on unique projects and events so if you have something in mind please get a hold of me!